Supporting the Longmont Symphony Orchestra

We are serious about our service mission and we need your help to carry it out. It’s easy and it feels great to get involved. The more you engage with us, the more we are able to lift our community and bring people together through shared music based experiences. Do it today!

Purchase Concert Tickets

Concert attendance offers an opportunity to hit a pause button on the ‘jobs to be done’ of everyday life, make space for self care, and settle in to a longer attention span experience so elusive in today’s quick paced society. We all benefit the more you attend or watch online, the more you encourage others to attend or watch online, and the more you give tickets as gifts. Consistent and even frequent attendance allows us to remain committed to keeping our ticket prices as low as possible. Plus we just love seeing so much joyous engagement!

Make a Donation or Engage in Sponsorship

The Longmont Symphony Orchestra is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Ticket revenue makes up only a fraction of the cost to support our service mission. When you donate or engage in sponsorship you receive a tax benefit, feel good about the power of your financial gift, and get some cool stuff too!

Join Us

The LSO is a dynamic family of people deeply interested in meaningful connection and stewardship of community through arts based initiatives. Find out how you can volunteer, join our board, work with the administrative team, or become an orchestra member!