Super Conductor Contest

Congratulations to our 2018 Super Conductor Winner:  Cameron Grant!

Cameron will be conducting Bizet’s Les Toreadors from the opera Carmen at the May 12 Pops Concert.

We thank all the candidates for their time and generous efforts in support of the Longmont Symphony Orchestra!

What is the Super Conductor Contest?

The Super Conductor Contest is the symphony’s annual fundraiser.  Each year, candidates from the Longmont area community are nominated to compete for the “Super Conductor” title.  This year’s campaign started with the introduction of our candidates at our February 24 concert and will culminate at the season finale concert.  The candidate who collects the most ‘votes,’ through monetary donations, will be declared the 2018 Super Conductor winner and will conduct the orchestra on May 12.

Rob Berry

I am proud to announce that I have been asked to be a Super Conductor Candidate for the Longmont Symphony Orchestra (LSO). For those who are not from around the Longmont area, the Super Conductor Contest is a major fundraiser for the Longmont Symphony and helps fund many of its programs throughout the community.

So with that said, many of you have also heard my story about wanting to be a drummer. To say the least, my last musical opportunity to participate in a musical concert did not end well. Turns out, wanting to be a rock band drummer is not the same as being a percussionist in a symphony. But being 10 years old, I did not know the difference. Eventually I was told that I walked to the beat of a different drum and maybe I should look at another venue to work my way to stardom.

Forty three years later, my second music concert participation has arrived. Of course, this chance is not to play an instrument (thank goodness). Now, it’s helping to raise funds so the LSO can continue to be a contributing partner to our school district as well as to the community of Longmont. And if I raise the largest amount of funds, I get the chance to “conduct” the symphony for a song at their pops concert on May 12!

You all know, I’m not shy about being the center of attention or competition, but I do need your help to “check” this adventure off of my bucket list!

When you donate to the LSO, 100% of your donation will go to help the orchestra with their outreach programming such as: the annual SVVSD 5th grade concert (for 2,500 students); having the symphony musicians become mentors to our middle and high school instrumental students; and lastly, to continue the Adopt-A-School Program. The Adopt-A-School Program sends the orchestra musicians out to 25 elementary schools and introduces the students to different instruments as well as different types of music. These are only a few examples of the LSO outreach programs. They also hold a series of amazing concerts that are performed throughout the year.

Thank you for helping this outstanding cause and helping me be the Super Conductor of 2018!

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Rick Frenzen

I’m extremely humbled to share an opportunity provided to me by the Longmont Symphony Orchestra. I am one of three finalists bestowed the honor of becoming the next LSO Super Conductor! The Super Conductor is an arm of the Longmont Symphony Orchestra’s fundraising efforts. Each dollar I amass is considered one “vote.” I need to accumulate the most “votes” to become the next esteemed Super Conductor.

Whether it be singing in my church choir or lugging my snare drum blocks to Longmont High School for summer band practice, music has always been a part of my life. I hope my son and future generations can appreciate the musical arts as well. The Longmont Symphony Orchestra will be a conduit for that.

You have a unique opportunity to enhance and preserve one of Longmont’s cultural stalwarts by graciously donating your “votes” for me. Please help me in keeping the Longmont Symphony Orchestra thriving for decades to come by donating to my Super conductor campaign.

We need your “votes”!

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Cameron Grant

Please don’t let my hours of practice go to waste! In the afterglow of my selection as one of three Super Conductor candidates for 2018, my rigorous training began in earnest. As most of you know, the Longmont Symphony Orchestra boasts some spectacular musicians and a long history of bringing great music to our community. Even the possibility that I might take the stage to conduct this fine group calls for some intense preparation. My training includes daily wrist flicking, practice confidently striding onto stage, artistically fluffing the tails on my tuxedo, and counting to four over and over and over again.

Whether I am lucky enough to have the chance to direct the Longmont Symphony Orchestra or whether that honor goes to one of the two other great candidates, all three of us will be thankful that the talented group is like a self-driving car. We can stand at the podium, look somewhat like we know what we are doing and let the pros do the rest.

Each year, the LSO pits a few locals against one another in the Super Conductor competition. The rules are simple: the competitor who generates the most donations for the Symphony wins – getting the chance to conduct the Symphony during the May 12 Pops concert. The real winner in this cutthroat battle is you! Regardless of which of us comes out on top (it might as well be me), every dollar raised goes to the LSO.

I look forward to seeing you at the May 12 concert and thank you in advance for your support.

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