How long have you been with the symphony?

I subbed with the LSO in 2017, and now I am lucky to play regularly with the orchestra. I auditioned for the open flute position in August and here I am!

How did you come to study your instrument (and is it the first one you chose?)

I began studying flute privately at the age of 9. My grandfather was a music teacher and I have wonderful memories of him helping me decipher which instrument I wanted to learn.

What drew you to this instrument?

I remember wanting to play the flute because it was small – still a huge bonus! I am paying for that now since I am married to a percussionist…

What other instruments would you like to learn, or other that you play already?

A tiny bit of piano. I accompany my younger students in recitals, but anything past Suzuki Book II is where I draw the line and hire a *real* pianist! If I can do it all over, I would have chosen the viola!

What piece would you LOVE to perform/for the symphony to perform?

Some of my bucket list pieces are Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe, Stravinsky’s Petrouchka, Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, and Shostakovich 10.

What music do you enjoy when you’re not rehearsing?

To play outside LSO? I love chamber music. Especially music of living composers! To listen to? That’s tough… If I’m not watching Digital Concert Hall, I’m a sucker for folk music.

Is there an LSO performance from this year that stands out to you? Why?

The November concert, A Cultural Affair, was a particularly fun concert for me. Debussy’s La Mer is one of my all-time favorite pieces to play and listen to. I have now performed that piece on all three flute parts! Also, Conor Brown is a good music friend of mine. In Fall of 2017 we traveled together with a group of CU graduate students and faculty members to perform at the Finish Embassy in Washington D.C. Additionally, I commissioned Conor to write me a solo flute piece. He created a really special piece for flute and live processing. It was so special for the LSO to program his music, and I was so happy I was involved in the performance!

Who is someone who has been instrumental (haha) and influential in your music career?

Without a doubt all of my teachers and mentors: Sharon Nowak (my first flute teacher), Dorli McWayne (my mentor throughout my undergraduate and master’s degrees), and Christina Jennings (my mentor throughout my DMA at CU Boulder). They saw a spark and helped me find my voice.

What is your favorite movie?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but Little Miss Sunshine will always have a special place in my heart.

Favorite food?


Favorite place/thing about Longmont?

The Pumphouse’s $3 beers twice a week!

What do you love to do outside of the orchestra?

I am a homebody and my favorite activity is cuddling with my two dogs at home.

Is there anyone you’d like to share the LSO with who hasn’t attended a performance? (Can we tag them on FB?)

Yes! My good friends Kevin Price and Crista Buller. (Yes, you can tag them on FB)

Of any historical musical figure, who would you go back and meet?

Jean-Pierre Rampal, Stravinsky, and Bernstein.

Do you have other music projects, or would you like to?

Yes! My husband, Christopher Eagles, and I have a flute/percussion duo – The Midnight Sun Two. We are a chamber ensemble devoted to performing/commissioning works of living composers, and we just completed our debut album, From Light to Dark. We have performed together locally in Longmont, the metro Denver area, across Canada, and in Alaska. Our next performances are scheduled at the Summer Music Academy in Fairbanks, Alaska in June (where we are both faculty members) and at the National Flute Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah this August.