How long have you been with the symphony?

This is my third season.

How did you come to study your instrument (and is it the first one you chose?)

My Dad had and played a trumpet (I still have it).

What other instruments would you like to learn, or other that you play already?

I’d like to learn guitar. I also sing.

What piece would you LOVE to perform/for the symphony to perform?

Mahler Symphony #5.

What music do you enjoy when you’re not rehearsing?

Classical and Jazz.

Is there an LSO performance from this year that stands out to you? Why?

Mahler Symphony #1 was amazing, and I’m really looking forward to playing Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra.

Who is someone who has been instrumental (haha) and influential in your music career?

I’ve had so many music teachers who have inspired or influenced me. I wish I’d worked harder when I studied with them.