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FRANZ JOSEPH HAYDN L’incontro improvviso, Sinfonia, Hob. la:6
WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART Symphony No. 31, “Paris”

Continuing this season’s Beethoven Cycle and building on the Portrait of Beethoven concert, we take a look at the three composers who shaped the Classical era and pushed us into the Romantic era. All three living and working in Vienna at the same time, they have been referred to as the First Viennese School. The program begins with an Overture by Franz Joseph “Papa” Haydn taken from his opera L’incontro improvviso “The Unexpected Encounter”. We progress then to Haydn’s superstar pupil Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the “Paris” Symphony No. 31 which catapulted Mozart into the hearts of the French people at a time when he was struggling to maintain recognition at home. Finishing the program is Haydn and Mozart protégé, the trailblazing Ludwig van Beethoven. His Symphony No. 7, which Richard Wagner referred to as “the apotheosis of the dance”, is filled to the brim with rhythmic vitality. Even the slow movement, featured in the film “The King’s Speech”, immediately captured the attention of listeners as one critic wrote it “speaks inwardly even to those who have no training in music; by means of its naivete and a certain secret magic it irresistibly overcomes them.”

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