Music is the greatest expression of the human spirit; it can inspire greatness, transform a community, and change lives. As someone who is passionate about the well-being of people, I view my appointment as the new Music Director/Conductor of the Longmont Symphony Orchestra as an opportunity to use live symphonic music to serve the Longmont community.

I aim to serve by focusing my attention on three main areas:

  • Engagement
  • World-Class Performances
  • Community Partnerships

While music education for children plays a significant role in the LSO’s vision, I know from personal experience that education doesn’t end at the age of 18 – for me, it seems to have just started then! I have a passion for engaging people of all ages in different kinds of musical topics, ranging from demystifying the role that a conductor plays to how symphonic music can transform a community.

It is my hope that the Longmont Symphony will be the “Discovery Channel” of classical music: engaging, informative, and fun. I hope that you will join me as we delve into these topics and more!

World-Class Performances
As a performing musician, I have tremendous faith in the works of great composers to be understood and loved by anyone. However, to bring these great works to life, it is my job to make sure that we play them with tremendous attention to detail and infuse each part with musical intentionality. These inspired performances, which are based upon deep knowledge of the composers’ style, will be presented in such a way so that everyone can connect to the works, even if they are new. It is my goal to see sold-out performances, young families attending subscription concerts, a new chamber orchestra series, and more patrons attending — not only because they like classical music, but also because they believe in what we stand for.

Community Partnerships
Building bridges with other local organizations is a critical component for a successful, growing orchestra. It is my belief that we are stronger together, and that by fostering partnerships with public libraries, schools, choirs, theaters, service providers, and more, the fabric of Longmont will be made stronger and more united than ever.

I look forward to seeing you at our July Fourth concert!

Elliot Moore, Music Director