Super Conductor

Congratulations to David Barker, our 2016 Super Conductor Winner.
Together our candidates raised over $12,000 for the Longmont Symphony Orchestra.
Thank you to all who donated to make this year’s campaign a success!

David Barker

Dear Friends of the Longmont Symphony Orchestra:

My favorite toy as a child wasn’t a race car or a football.  My favorite was a green Tinkertoy.

My fantasy—I was a strange child—was to conduct a symphony orchestra.  And standing in front of my parents’ stereo, records playing, I did.  The greatest orchestras in the greatest concert halls.  And my baton was a green Tinkertoy.
My musical career, as it turned out, never advanced beyond elementary school piano lessons and The Happy Halibut.  But the fantasy never died.  The Tinkertoy is long gone but in my mind, whenever the music plays, I’m still conducting.

You have a chance to make my fantasy a reality.  Every year, the Longmont Symphony Orchestra holds its Super Conductor competition.  It’s a fundraiser, and the rules are simple: the individual who generates the most donations for the Symphony wins.  And winning means I’d get to conduct the orchestra at a concert in October.  With a real baton.  Not with a Tinkertoy.

Support a cultural treasure and make a dream come true—how can you say no?

Although he’s increasingly reluctant to admit it—is a native Texan.  Five years ago he traded his flat-lander ways for the far more soul-enriching Rocky Mountains, moving to Longmont to become Pastor at Longmont Central Presbyterian Church.  Preaching wasn’t his first calling.  He spent 15 years as a professor of communication at Texas Christian University, University of Missouri-Columbia, and Concordia University before leaving academia for ministry.  Ever since he was a boy, though, his dream has been to one day conduct a symphony orchestra, even though is musical abilities go no further than singing along with the CD player.  He is married to Terry, an Interior Designer, and has two grown children.  He also has two hound dogs who claimed they were high class—but that was just a lie.

Geoff Howe

Geoff Howe is president of Howe Mortuary-Longmont.  He represents the fourth generation to serve Boulder County in their personal owned and operated funeral service and crematory.
Geoff has been with the firm since 1979 and owner since 1986.  He graduated from Longmont High School, Texas Lutheran University and Dallas Institute of Funeral Service.
Geoff love for his community has led him to serve in many capacities.  He is active in the Twin Peaks Rotary, previously serving has their president.  He has served on the YMCA of Longmont, the Longmont Economic Development Partnership, and the St.Vrain Historical Society.  He has also served the Colorado Funeral Director Association board and is a past president.
Geoff and Janet continue to live and are active in their community.  His son just completed his sophomore year at the Colorado School of Mines.  Geoff enjoys following his academics and his golf exploits at Mines, as well.
Outside of work, Geoff enjoys golf, hiking, biking and University of Colorado athletics.

An alumni to LSO Superconductor, he agreed to try and make a difference in the celebration of their 50 years of performance and service to the community of Longmont.